07 May 2010

Editorial: Martyred By Talkies: A Series of Silent Film Actors and Actress'

Hello Friends and colleagues! 2010 has certainly been quite a busy quarter! Other projects and life in general have attempted to deter my attention from illustration, but I am winning! Life is all about balance.
For the time being, I am simultaneously producing another editorial series entitled "Martyred By Talkies"™. Pola Negri is the first character to debut this series. Others to follows are Theda Bara, Louise Brooks, Greta Garbo, Pina Menichelli, Olga Baclanova, Charlie Chaplin and Conrad Veidt; just to name a few.

The Scherherazade Series production is still ongoing and the final debut will take place in the Fall of 2010 or before, depended upon venue schedules.

More information and work will be posted soon!

(Editorial Illustration) Martyred by Talkies™
Silent Film Actors/Actress Series: POLA NEGRI

19 March 2010

Krehbiel Illustration Website: Now Launched!

Announcing the new Krehbiel Illustration website! Design, layout and execution by The Krehbiel Agency.
Featuring new pieces and past projects, biography, links and a convenient contact page!
More features will be added soon and future announcements will be posted on the blog.

Back to illustration!

01 March 2010

Saint Theodosia Editorial Illustration: Mission Statement

Due to recent events, I've elected to place a written statement of intent online for public awareness for the Saint Theodosia editorial piece. A bit belated, however imperative for the future series.

The full statement is available from the permalink below.

"The world of commercial art is an immense undertaking that requires an individual to find a unique voice as an artist, as well as creating a small business from the ground up."
-Sterling Hundley from his Advice Blog

23 February 2010

The Krëhbiël Agency Featured in the Curated Art Bistro Design Gallery in February 2010!!!

My design work under The Krëhbiël Agency's name was featured in Monster's ArtBistro Design Gallery curated under Brandon Jameson in February 2010!!!

Here are the candidates for this month alongside my name and thoughtful words by our curator:

Here is the direct permalink to my featured portfolios:

My profile and portfolio will be featured on ArtBistro's home page on March 2nd, 2010 for one week.
Check out: ArtBistro

My work will also be included on ArtBistro's Virtual Artist Opening on March 4th, 2010 at 8pm EST.
I will post the online address very soon!

Thank you to everyone for all of your support and advisement over the past few years!
Back to illustration for the time being!

-Ms. Krëhbiël

11 February 2010

A Sneak Peak Into The Schérhérazade Series

Debuting the Schérhérazade Series: Zoebeida.
This illustration series will in time be implemented for an adapted young adult book, soon after I complete the first draft. I am currently scouting some venues in the area to debut the work.
More profiles, spot illustrations and set designs will be posted soon!

31 January 2010

New Projects Ahead!

Hello All,
Many apologies for the belated updates! My design projects have taken much of my concentration from my illustration work but there have been many positive results! Check out my design blog: http://krehbielagency.tumblr.com
Whilst the agency has kept me busy with new and exciting campaigns, I've been planning my next series of work (specifically the Schérhérazade Series) and keeping my sketchbook near by; recording patters, jotting down compositional ideas, symbology and character designs. Regardless, it is being recorded! Shown above will be the header for each beginning chapter in The Brothers' Baronov publication.

For the time being, keep drawing! I promise that I will as well! More results soon!

-Miss Krehbiel