19 March 2010

Krehbiel Illustration Website: Now Launched!

Announcing the new Krehbiel Illustration website! Design, layout and execution by The Krehbiel Agency.
Featuring new pieces and past projects, biography, links and a convenient contact page!
More features will be added soon and future announcements will be posted on the blog.

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01 March 2010

Saint Theodosia Editorial Illustration: Mission Statement

Due to recent events, I've elected to place a written statement of intent online for public awareness for the Saint Theodosia editorial piece. A bit belated, however imperative for the future series.

The full statement is available from the permalink below.

"The world of commercial art is an immense undertaking that requires an individual to find a unique voice as an artist, as well as creating a small business from the ground up."
-Sterling Hundley from his Advice Blog