02 September 2009

The Krëhbiël Agency

New projects posted on The Krëhbiël Agency Site. Be sure to visit:

ABOUT: The Krëhbiël Agency is a Richmond-based design studio/firm, specializing in business branding, web and graphic design, photography and visual solutions with an emphasis on illustration in the widest media available per client.
KA holds a passion for visual communication.

SERVICES: Graphic Design (Magazines, book and direct mail), Illustration (Concept development, editorial spreads/spots, book covers and promotional), Corporate Branding Development and Identity (Logos, postcards/business cards, print ads campaigns), Web Design, Advertising and Marketing/Promotional materials (Print Ads, Photography, Brochures and artist promotional materials).

CONTACT: All enquiries can be directed to krehbiel.agency@gmail.com

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